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I offer Fursuits, Resin Parts, Silicone Parts, LED Kits, Following Eyes, Fan Kits, Custom Sculpts, Silicone Molds, and Reptile Decor!

Most items are made to order, please allow for 1-2 weeks for these items.

Eye Order Sheets!

$30+ a pair!

Acrylic (+$5) or glass.



2"/50.8mm (+$20)

To order customs contact me directly please!

Resin Blank Order Sheet!

Uncut casts: $100

Cut and hinged: $180

Ready to fur: $300-500+

Ready to fur options aren't yet available on the site yet due to how many custom options there are.

To order ready to fur options contact me directly, same as any custom paintjobs for half masks!

Fursuits by DrakonicKnight

Custom Fursuit Head

Starting at $1,300+

Custom Partials

Starting at $2,500+

Custom Fullsuit

Starting at $3,500+

Contact me for a quote (selectively taking orders)

Things I will need for your order:

Reference sheet or description (if description you will need to pay for a ref from me or another artist)

Duct tape dummy if fullsuit

Full legal name (for shipping) and address

Shoe and hat size

Information of aspects you want on your suit ie: LED eyes, fan, hair, whiskers, etc.

Contact Me:

Telegram @DrakonicKnight

DM me on FurAffinity, Twitter, or Instagram (@DrakonicKnight)